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Mohammed Baten


Toma Johnson

President & CEO

Kathy Johnson


Brenden Wigderson

Acquisitions Director

white wooden coffee table near white sofa
white wooden coffee table near white sofa

With a foundation in residential resale, Toma initially ventured into the real estate industry before pivoting towards fix and flip projects. His adept handling of over 40 transactions, totaling $25M in sales, speaks volumes about his expertise. Toma is a licensed realtor affiliated with eXp Realty, ensuring a seamless transition and a comprehensive skill set in project management and marketing within the real estate domain.

Since 2018, Mohammed has been actively involved in residential real estate investments, specializing in the acquisition of rental properties. His expertise lies in securing properties at optimal prices, demonstrating a keen understanding of the market dynamics. Beyond his financial acumen, Mohammed is also a passionate supercar enthusiast.

Embarking on his real estate journey at a young age, Brenden brings a wealth of experience to the field. His unwavering dedication to thorough project research significantly enhances the efficiency of our team. Brenden's role extends beyond real estate, as he is also a passionate supercar enthusiast and a licensed realtor with eXp Realty.

Kathy joins the group as full-time administration for the company. With a background in operations and logistics management from her previous company, she utilizes her knowledge of corporate business to keep our transactions and rehabs on track.